Friday, 21 November 2014

First Post

For those who have come to this incomplete blog a little early, Welcome!
The reason why this blog doesn't have anything in it is because we are unsure on the success rate of a website on goldfish. Goldfish were originated in China. Goldfish have a long history in Japan, and it is part of the culture too. There are quite a lot of websites on goldfish in Japanese, but very few of them have useful information in it. Our website wouldn't succeed there anyway. So then we thought, oh, there aren't many websites on goldfish in English, so how about an English website? There are problems in the culture bit, and of course the market, but it's a huge world, and I guess there will be people who were searching about goldfish and stumbled upon our site.
And so, we wanted to know the exact number of people who were searching about goldfish and came upon our site.

If the amount of visitors is incredible, we will contemplate on adding pages to our website. Comments will help too. If the amount of viewers is under 200 clicks per week, we will not continue this website, since our staff do not want to waste time on unsuccessful websites. YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED!!!